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002: 5 Myths of Activist Entrepreneurship

5 Myths of Activist Entrepreneurship

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Quotable of the Week

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  ~ Paul Valery

Myths are in the dream world.  We don’t just need to wake up and get out of bed in the morning.  We also need to wake up to reality.  Then, figure out how to deal with that reality and still go after your dreams.  There are a lot of dreamers out there who never make anything happen.


Highlights from the Episode

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    In regards to the big companies have all the power, the currency is loaned at interest; therefore, any money transfers are based on debt, which is why I question how this is a myth? I don’t mean to be negative, but the reality is that the system seems rigged for the rich. (Like you were saying on FB they have all of those subsidies that are obviously not constitutionally equally disbursed throughout the population).

    Lucas, great point. The myth is that they have ALL the power and control. The truth is that each of us has power within our sphere of influence. We can still choose where we spend our money. We can still choose to build our ethical businesses and expand our influence. Don’t give up hope!

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