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003: 5 Ways to Build a Support System that Lasts

5 Ways to Build a Support System that Lasts

Listen About Creating Your Support System Here and Now

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Quotable of the Week

“Anyone who stops learning is old.” -Henry Ford

To stay young, keep learning.  Yet, it’s not learning for learning’s sake.  Learning needs to mean something for you, your business, and the world.

Highlights from the Episode

  • The 5 Ways to Build a Support System as an Activist Entrepreneur
    1. Ask for what you want or need.
    2. Figure out what you want or need.
    3. Take opportunities to learn right away and from anyone.
    4. Remember you CAN learn from anyone.
    5. Take everything with a grain of salt, including yourself.
  • The only way to guarantee people won’t support you is to not ask or be specific.
  • Every person you meet is someone from whom you can learn.
  • You’ll learn more when you’re willing to admit you don’t know everything.
  • Often times, you have to challenge what you think you know and be willing to look at it from a different perspective.  Your support system should encourage you to do that.

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