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009: 5 Unique Ways to Make an Impact this Holiday Season

Impact the Holidays Uniquely

Listen Here and Now for Making A Unique Impact

We share 5 ways to make a unique impact this holiday season beyond giving to charity.  Before that we share some thoughts on charity.

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Quotable of the Week

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” -Helen Keller

We can often feel discouraged that there’s so much suffering in the world.  During the holidays is a great time to remember and be encouraged that there is so much good out there too!

Highlights from the Episode

  • If you’re like most activists, you probably get tons of emails from nonprofits for their year-end giving campaigns.  
    • Note: According to Wikipedia, Giving Tuesday started in 2012.
  • Yes, you can make an impact by donating money to your favorite charities.  
  • In fact, we highly recommend being actively involved in 1 or 2 charities and focusing your efforts there.  
  • We thought we’d give you a few other options for making an impact this holiday season.  

Here are our 5 impact ideas:

  1. Most of us know someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Think of something that person would find extravagant and do it with them.  
  2. Be as selective as possible with your holiday purchases.  Shop ethical.  Eat, drink, and buy at locally owned small businesses.  Seek out other business activists and purchase from them.
  3. Host a holiday party and invite all your neighbors on you block or in your building.  
  4. Surprise a stranger with a random act of kindness.  Don’t hand them your business card but don’t be shy either.  Surprise that person with something unexpected, just because.  Who knows, you both might just make a new friend.
  5. Take time for yourself to reflect and dream.

    Remember, you need this time so that you have energy for making a difference in the year to come.  Plus, the clarity and focus that comes will help you have an even bigger impact.


  • There are plenty of other ways to make an impact this season more than just giving to charity.  Hopefully, these 5 have sparked your imagination.  
  • The most important thing is to ACT.  Decide right now something you will do to bring the spirit of the holidays to life and make a difference for someone around you… including yourself.
  • Share in the comments below what you are doing to make an impact this holiday season!

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