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019: Mardi Gras Special: FOMO to JOMO

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Listen Here and Now for our Special Mardi Gras Episode

We share how JOMO and FOMO apply to entrepreneurs and Amanda’s best strategy for embracing JOMO within our businesses and lives.


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Quotable of the Week

“Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere, wholeheartedly, one directionally, without regret or reservation.”   -William Sheldon

Brandon does this for Paczki Day now so that he doesn’t have FOMO or regret missing Mardi Gras in his hometown of New Orleans.


Highlights from the Episode

  • You’ve probably heard of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.
  • There’s an alternate narrative replacing FOMO.  It is JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out.
  • What does this have to do with business?
    • Plenty!  Amanda shares some examples with marketing decisions, important projects, and making sure we spend time on our true priorities (including life outside of work… yes, some entrepreneurs want to have that too!)
    • JOMO goes deeper than saying “no” to external things.  As entrepreneurs, we need to look internally and learn to say “no” to ourselves (and our gadgets).
  • I share all of this because it sets me up to share with you my main strategy to embrace JOMO and transform your business and reaching your true priorities… listen to the episode at 10 minutes and 30 seconds to hear my strategy and my 3 top tips to implementing it correctly.


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    I liked it very much. To transform my FOMO of not having I switch to my JOMO of giving. It is necessary that any business plan or any planning start by finding our true priorities. The strategy of fasting is what I was needing to listen, I was looking for something as deep as that and your advice pointed to me “now”, it is Lent! Thanks

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