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020: Scary Staff Issues and How to Deal

scary staff issues

Listen Here and Now for our Scary Staff Issues Episode

We share 5 actual stories from our 7 plus years of employing staff.  We share the moral of each story and then 3 of our best tips for employing people.


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Quotable of the Week

“Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff.” – popular saying

As employers, we might have dog or cat-like tendencies.  We might appeal to our employees more as best friends or as butlers.


Highlights from the Episode

The 5 stories and their morals:

  1. The barista who said Brandon needed to clean more instead of talking to customers.

Moral of the story: you’re the boss.


2. The baristas who fought over milk.

Moral of the story: they are adults and should be expected to be professional.


3. The baristas who acted like 8 year olds while we were on vacation.

Moral of the story: be clear on who’s in charge when you are not available.


4. The barista who missed a lot of work during her first 3 months.

Moral of the story: if someone is planning a big trip, don’t hire them before the trip.  Hire them when they return (if you still need someone).  The first 90 days are critical.


5. The barista who was always late, missed shifts, and might have been stealing.

Moral of the story: Toxicity in the workplace can seriously impact your health.


3 of our best tips

  1. I’ve heard it said, “You should fire an employee the first time you think about it.”  I err on the side of allowing room for growth so we used a 3 strikes policy – with verbal and written warnings before firing.
  2. You might have heard it said, “Hire slow, fire fast.”  We tried to do that.  We also agreed not to fire or hire anyone unless we both agreed.
  3. My favorite way to avoid a lot of these scary staff issues: build trust.

Comment below and share your scary staff story, your advice for avoiding staff issues, or ask for help in resolving a particularly problematic situation (keep it anonymous to protect the guilty).

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