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025: What We Wish We Knew When We Started

What We Wish We Knew

Listen Here and Now for “What We Wish We Knew When We Started

We share the top 5 things we wish we knew when we first started our entrepreneurial journey in 2008.  Listen to learn from our mistakes.  This is a great “pick our brain” episode.


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Quotable of the Week

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -Plato

We’re sharing what we wish we knew when we started but we want to make sure to say this: The most important thing is to get started.  Your never going to know everything.  Whether you’re just starting a new venture or you want to start something new within your current venture, as Steven Pressfield writes, “Start before you’re ready.”


Highlights from the Episode

These are the top 5 things we wish we know when we first started.

  1. Do more marketing.
  2. We were brainwashed about wealth building and money management.  (Learn more about wealth building during entrepreneurship here.)
  3. The importance of focus.
  4. Relationships and masterminds are critical. 
  5. One’s zone of genius can change over time.

There are more but those are the top 5.  


Leave a comment with what you wish you would’ve known when you first started.

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    This is great, Brandon and Amanda! We have barely started, so this is super helpful right now as we’re planning to dive in. It was really encouraging to hear “Start before you’re ready.” And everything else! Thank you!

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