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032: The Most Important Self-Care Strategy for the Startup Entrepreneur

self-care strategy

Listen Here and Now for the Most Important Self-Care Strategy

Join us as we share THE most important self-care strategy for the start-up entrepreneur, which is also super important for more veteran entrepreneurs.  We break down the strategy into 5 actionable steps too!



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Quotable of the Week

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” -Coretta Scott King

The compassionate actions of those around you are critical when you’re starting a new venture.  To do something great, you need a great community!


Highlights from the Self-Care Strategy Episode

During last week’s episode we compared having a newborn to having a new business.  It’s very similar. We discussed last time how you have to live like you’ve never lived before at the very beginning of both a newborn and a new business.  On the business side, we shared strategies to transition from your business running you to you running your business. Go back and listen to the last episode if you feel trapped by your business.  We dedicated that episode to you.


For today’s episode, we’re going to share the most important self-care strategy for those in the first couple years of their businesses. It’s very important for older businesses and more veteran entrepreneurs too.  It’s a strategy we found especially helpful years ago when we were first starting our business. We’ve been reminded of its importance as we’ve welcomed a newborn into the world.


The most important self-care strategy for those in the first couple years of their businesses is surrounding yourself with the right people.  Starting a business is a very lonely pursuit. That’s why it’s so important to stay connected with those who build you up and help you stick with it.  


1. Invest in a mentor/coach

Find a mentor who is where you want to be.  Maybe they are in a different industry but they exude the values in their business you want to have in yours.   Coaching is so important as long as you pick the right coach. Don’t necessarily pick on budget but decide on value.    Finding the right coach and mentor is so important. Find out more about our coaching program by scheduling an exploratory conversation here.


2. Invest in a peer group

 It’s best to do this in person.  Choose a group that fits you best – maybe a small mastermind like I am part of.  For me, I have a small group of female social entrepreneurs that I consider my peer group.   

FB groups can be super helpful in this regard but the key is to be involved in the community.   Be active. We lead a community like this and would love more involvement. To join visit Business Activist Entrepreneur Community on Facebook

But I am also highly involved in a really fun and very active facebook community. It’s called the Co-opvertising Network for Entrepreneurs.  I like the Co-opvertising Network for Entrepreneurs  because I am learning from people and friends who are in similar places as me.   They are also helpful in building alliances and helping me communicate my business mission even better.   Plus, they host offline, in-person events too.

So what peer group are you investing in?


3. Be open to learning from everyone you meet.  

There’s a balance here.  As an entrepreneur, everyone wants to give you advice but not everyone’s advice is good advice.  We suggest listening to everyone. People just want to be heard. Then weigh the advice and do what you ultimately believe is best.  You just never know who great advice is going to come from.

Being in the finance world I have found that lots of people just regurgitate things they hear.   One I hear all the time is “buy term and invest the rest.” Most people don’t even know why they think that.  They just copy what they heard. However, because we were teachable, we learned a new way of thinking that changed our business and financial future.   We could have just been like all our peers and said this is the way everyone else is doing it.

If you’re open to learning new ways of thinking about finance, we offer a complimentary and educational financial analysis.  To get started, visit or text BAEFinancial to 44222.
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As an entrepreneur be teachable.   As you learn something new it could change everything and my bet is as an entrepreneur you are challenging a new way of thinking through your own business.  


4. Help others learn.  

Bring others on the ride with you.    Find people who could learn from you and involve them in your business as much as you can.  These can be official interns or people who want to build their resumes. Lots of people out there want to be involved in something bigger than themselves.  Your business is an opportunity for them to do just that.

How we ended up in this new industry we kept sharing what we learned.   We kept sharing about how this changed our life and it also helped us understand and grow even more.    


5. Don’t forget about your friends.

While you probably cannot do all the things your friends invite you to do, we highly suggest not cutting them out of your lives entirely.  You’ll have to make some sacrifices. Yet, you can also creatively think about how they might be involved in your business as well – even if it’s simply to grab a beer or coffee every once in a while and listen to you complain about this or dream about that.




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