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037: 7 Reasons Not to Talk with Us

reasons not to talk with us

Listen Here and Now for Reasons Not to Talk with Us

Join us as we share 7 reasons NOT to talk with us or schedule a free, no-obligation financial analysis.



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Quotable of the Week

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” —Will Rogers

Just a fun quote this week.  Now you know how to double your money.  ?


Highlights from the Episode


The story of how this podcast episode idea came to be from Dr. Z.   You’re welcome to steal this idea for your business too.


You might have noticed that we offer a free, no-obligation financial analysis.  If you haven’t noticed that, then now you know.


OUR MISSION is to transform the financial lives of thousands. We are committed to providing activist entrepreneurs, individuals and couples with confidence and certainty as they arrive at their most important business and financial milestones. We work with individuals and business owners who want to create wealth in a safe, predictable, and ethical way and be empowered to become their own source of funding.


Here are 7 reasons NOT to take us up on the offer of a free, no-obligation financial analysis.


1. Your definition of “diversify” means “stocks and bonds and possibly some real estate.”

  • Lots of people say they want to diversify their portfolio.  They are usually talking about not putting all their money in the same stock or same sector of stocks.
  • We like to talk about diversifying your portfolio by getting your money out of stocks, bonds, and real estate, and into a vehicle with guarantees.


2. You would rather put your retirement money in jail so you can’t use your own money to take advantage of a business or real estate opportunity.

  • With many retirement vehicles, you can’t access your own money without a penalty prior to age 59 ½ or without large fees to take a loan.  Some people like that so that they aren’t tempted to touch the money.
  • Others end up liquidating their retirement because of a medical emergency or a season where they don’t have a large income.  The fees and the penalty become too much when they need to access their money so they end up losing most if not all of it.
  • We like to look at a savings vehicle that gives you access without large fees and penalties.


3. You love the Internal Revenue Service and believe the federal government has your back in retirement.

  • Paying taxes is a very patriotic thing to do.  Americans love taxes. We just want everyone to pay their fair share.  See this podcast for more.
  • Maybe you want to leave a large percent of your assets to the Internal Revenue Service when you graduate from this life.  Maybe you’ll be so grateful for the amount of money you receive from Social Security and the benefits from Medicare that you want to add the Internal Revenue Service as an heir of your estate.
  • We like to look at paying your fair share while maintaining confidence that you and your family will be provided for in the future no matter the national deficit.


4. You want to pay someone to manage your money for you.

  • Money managers are popular.  Paying them a 1% fee to manage your money is pretty much assumed these days.
  • We are not money managers.  If anything, we’re educators.  We help you learn a few things, get a plan together, and then implement that plan while making adjustments when life changes.  When you work with us, you manage your own money. Because you’re not fully in the stock market, you can do that.
  • We’re there to support you along the way and it does not have to cost you a penny, depending on your situation.   


5. You are going farther in debt every month.

  • In complete honesty and transparency, it’s very difficult to find a financial solution for someone who lives beyond their income.  
  • That said, you don’t have to be wealthy or totally out of debt.  You just have to be ready to save for your future both short and long term. We believe it does not have to be either/or.  You can save for your future and get out of debt at the same time. You can build wealth no matter your starting point. We know this because we did it ourselves.


6. Your life partner and you won’t talk about money together.

  • This one is pretty simple.
  • If you have a life partner with whom you share financial obligations, we want to work with both of you together.  If that’s something he or she and you aren’t willing to do, then our process isn’t for you.


7. You’re not willing to put forth the work to learn a new concept.

  • Like we said earlier, we’re not money managers, we’re more like educators.  
  • We came across a financial concept about 5 years ago that has dramatically transformed our future, which impacts everything including our finances.  We’d love to share with you. It only takes about 30 minutes to understand. We’d love to share it with you and get your feedback.


So there you have it: 7 reasons NOT to schedule a financial analysis with us.  


We hope this gives you a better idea of what we do.  If you’d like to schedule a financial analysis, you can either text BAEFinancial to 44222 or visit  The financial analysis is free and no-obligation but, like we shared today, it does have a few pre-qualifications. If you meet the qualifications, go ahead and schedule a time to get started now.  Text BAEFinancial to 44222 or visit


Additional Notes

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