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043: 5 Best Ways to Get More Sales

get more sales

Listen Here and Now for How to Get More Sales

Join us as we share the top 5 ways to get more sales.  As an activist entrepreneur, you need more sales to create the impact you want to see in the world.  Let’s make it happen.



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Quotable of the Week

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them” – Ann Landers



Highlights from the Episode

We just wrapped up our series about ending poverty… you might be thinking, “Why are we talking about sales now??? That’s quite a jump!”  It’s not… here’s why… The more you sell the more you’re making a difference through your business activity AND the more you’re able to contribute toward ending poverty.


We’re all salespeople.  Anytime you’re trying to persuade people to do something, you’re selling.  From a child who wants dessert to a preacher on the streets to a volunteer coordinator at a nonprofit.  You’re selling when you ask for a date and when you interview for a job. You’re even selling when you interview someone who wants to work for you.  (Amanda: I sell Brandon on changing diapers when I’m in the middle of doing something.)


#5 – Invest in some training to grow your sales chops.


#4 – Fill your pipeline.


#3 – Move people along your funnel.


#2 – Ask for the sale.


#1 – Buy your own product.


If you’d like to see a good example of a sales process that feels more friendly than sales-y, we invite you to go through our financial analysis.  To schedule a call, visit

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