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044: Leading with Transparency

leading with transparency

Listen Here and Now for Leading with Transparency

Join us as we share a real story of an example to follow.  Plus, 5 results of leading with transparency.



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Quotable of the Week

“We are all living during a time when people want and expect their leaders to be more human, less perfect and at times a bit vulnerable – regardless of hierarchy or rank.” – Glenn Llopis, in Forbes article, “5 Powerful Things Happen When A Leader Is Transparent



Highlights from the Episode

This past week we had the awesome opportunity to have lunch with 2 leaders of a company we match some of our clients with to better their financial future.  In the spirit of this episode about transparency, the company is Lafayette Life Insurance Company. Yes, life insurance can better someone’s financial future – especially with a special design we use and with one of the top companies like Lafayette.


I was really encouraged by the entire pre-lunch meeting and lunch.  I actually got to sit right next to the President of Lafayette during lunch.  He’s a soft-speaker so I was glad to be right there to hear him.


Before I talk about what was most encouraging, let me just say that this leader was practicing something every leader should do – going out and talking with your people.  You want to know first hand what your customers, your employees, your contractors, your vendors, etc. think about you and your company. If you’re spending all your time at a computer in an office, you’re not getting the honest input you can get face-to-face with people how regularly interact with your company.


They practiced active listening, not just pretending to listen.   I have seen leaders just do the nod and smile thing and are not really listening.   You can tell when someone is really listening based off their response and the questions they ask to dig deeper.   


With that said…


Here’s what was most encouraging…

He was very clear with us that we could ask any question we desired.  Short of giving away proprietary info, he would answer them.


Now sometimes when a leader says that they don’t really mean it.  You can tell because when you begin to ask questions, they don’t really answer them.


Not with this leader.  He was very clear in answering our questions.  The other person with him was too. It was truly an example to follow.  I’m excited to share this story with any clients that are a good fit for the work Lafayette does.  Plus, I know I can go back with any questions for which clients or I would like to get answers.


On a side note.

Harkening back to our last episode about how to get more sales, this leader was not afraid to ask for the sale.  Before leaving the table, he said, “I want 100% of your business.” He knows we have options and can work with multiple companies… yet, he was upfront about asking for our business to increase with his company.  If you want to learn more about increasing your sales, go back to episode 043.


Back to the topic of this episode – the results of transparency  

As I was researching this episode about transparency, I came across the Forbes article mentioned in the quotable of the week.  The author Glenn discusses 5 results of transparency. I want to share these 5 and give our take on them.


  1. Problems Are Solved Faster – The leaders from Lafayette definitely shared the top 3 issues the company is currently facing and invited us to give ideas for solutions.  Many minds are better than just a few. I bet they will definitely solve these issues faster with lots of people working on them.
  2. Teams Are Built Easier – It was fun to hear the 2 leaders from Lafayette talk about their workplace and coworkers.  I could tell they form a close-knit unit and have a lot of fun together even while doing such important work.
  3. Relationships Grow Authentically – I don’t feel like besties with these leaders and probably won’t.  There’s still a hierarchical relationship but it’s still a relationship. If there was no transparency, there would probably be no relationship.
  4. People Begin to Promote Trust in Their Leader – You probably trust this leader and the company even a little, simply by hearing me tell this story.
  5. Higher-Levels of Performance Emerge – In the article, Glenn says that when the first 4 points are there, you’re naturally going to have increases in performance.  I think there are other factors at play. For example, the entire workplace culture can be built or crushed by the leader.

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