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048: From Coffee to Grandma?


Listen Here and Now for the Coffee to Grandma Story

How do you come up with and hone in on your 2nd business idea?  Listen to our story for how we went from coffee to Grandma… it’s a winding road.



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Quotable of the Week

“Your vocation in life comes from where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” -Frederick Buechner



Highlights from the Episode

Brandon: Why we got into coffee.


Amanda: When we realized we were ready for something new.


Brandon: How we discovered coaching

At a coffee shop and Googling

Did a 5 day mini-course to see if coaching would be right for us


Amanda: Realizing I got a lot of joy from talking to people 1-on-1

Asking, “How could we do more of this?” while noticing every coaching client also had this need for financial advising.


Brandon: Then, the phone call from Mark.

Told “No.” at first because too entrepreneurial.

Then figured out how to make it work as “out-of-house” contractor…. AND wanted Amanda to do it too.


Amanda: I said “yes” because I knew I’d get to have more 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 conversations with people solely for the purpose of seeing how I could help them.


Brandon: So we started the journey into financial coaching.  We realized a couple things along the way:

The financial industry is full of mistrust and skepticism.


Amanda: The people coming to us through the firm were mostly in their 50s and 60s and saying things like, “I wish I knew about this earlier.” and “I hope I’m not too late.”

Because we’re seeking to serve, we started to ask, “Why aren’t people in their 30s hearing about this and getting a plan together?” A few reasons…

Underemployed and with lots of student debt.

The messaging out there is geared toward Boomers.

We’ve decided to take on the challenge of helping people who feel they are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting ahead and building wealth… especially Millennials.


Brandon: Enter Grandma.  

A lot of Millennials’ and Xers’ Grandma have already passed on.  Many of our parents are entering retirement. We noticed that our grandparents seemed to have things figured out while our parents are unable to retire or near poverty in retirement.  We want to be more like our grandparents than our parents. But is that even possible?


Amanda: That’s exactly what we’re going to exploring in this new podcast… the strategies Grandma used and how they can work today.

Why a podcast?

It’s a free service.

We love podcasts and listen practically every day.

We can take the podcast and share it on a blog, via Youtube and even social media.

Brandon: Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom is coming out very soon.  You can already subscribe on iTunes and other places where great podcasts are found. We also have a sneak peek of episode 9 available before any of the other shows are on iTunes.  To get the sneak peek visit:  (only available thru September 14, 2018!).

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