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We are business activist entrepreneurs.  We create the changes we wish to see in the world and dollars in our own pockets.  Together, we believe in everyone winning.

More about the community

business activist entrepreneur hostsAs a community, we are part of a growing group of entrepreneurs who believe ethical, conscious business is the best way to create the changes we wish to see in our world.

We’re done with business as usual and sick of people who do good in 1 area while doing so much harm in other areas.  We create and grow businesses that add value to all our stakeholders.

Because we’re standing against a massive system, we stay small and nimble.  Our passion and our courage keep up going even when things get hard.  We will win in the long run.

Ask us how we know we’ll win.  We’ll tell you.  We’re too stubborn to quit and the world is depending on that.

We are business activist entrepreneurs.  We lead the way to real, lasting positive change.


Meet the hosts: Brandon and Amanda Neely.

The first thing you should know about us is that we’re business activist entrepreneurs too.  We started a brick and mortar, social enterprise in the heart of Chicago and successfully ran it for over 6 years.

Now we’re business and financial coaches

Our mission is to transform the financial lives of thousands. We are committed to providing activist entrepreneurs, individuals and couples with confidence and certainty as they arrive at their most important business and financial milestones. We work with individuals and business owners who want to create wealth in a safe, predictable, and ethical way and be empowered to become their own source of funding.

Why are we business activist entrepreneurs?

In short, a deep desire to make the world a better place and a deep dissatisfaction with how most try to go about doing that.  We refused to do nothing and set out on a journey that we would repeat in a heartbeat.  It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it.  Now, we’re excited to further YOU along on YOUR journey in ways we wish we would’ve been supported from the beginning.


A few more things you should know…

  • We believe in the power of conscious, ethical business to make the world better.  Business Activist Entrepreneur, L3C (formerly known as Overflow Coffee Bar, L3c) is the 17th L3C incorporated in the state of Illinois.  We are leaders in the social enterprise sector both in our understanding of the L3C and through our membership in the Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter.
  • We know how to help nonprofits too.  In addition to running Overflow, Amanda was the Director of the Daystar Center (a 501c3).  During her 4 years as Director, she took the organization from from being 100% dependent on private donations to being 100% self-sufficient through program generated revenue.
  • We are committed to locally-based initiatives.  We are founding members of the South Loop Business Exchange – a chamber of commerce for our surrounding neighborhood.  We’re also active with Local 1st Chicago – our local organization that champions local living economies.
  • We know the power of having a great coach.  We have experienced effective coaching ourselves.  Our business would have closed without that coaching.  That’s why we coach, mentor, and train entrepreneurs like YOU.
  • We also know the power of having a great financial coach.  We started working with our financial advisor 5 years ago.  Today, we’re doing much like he does and helping individuals and couples move toward financial freedom and generosity.


Our dream…

is to see the elimination of extreme poverty within our lifetime. We know that entrepreneurism and innovation are crucial to ending poverty and its effects on the world. Also, as thousands become financially free they can also be more generous. We’re just a small part of the combined efforts of people all over the world working toward this end. Yet, if all of us truly overflow our possibility, the impact is exponential.  Let’s do this, together!



If you’re nodding your head right now…

We want to connect!  Please schedule a introductory, exploratory conversation with us.  Click here to find a time.

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