Business Activist Entrepreneur Membership

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Speaking Another Language and No One Understands Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you take enough risks. We have a powerful 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee that puts all the risk on us. 

Brandon and Amanda Neely


This is a place where we come together and help you grow your business both in profits and in social impact. 

We do that by helping you communicate your message clearly so that your visitors become your fans... and maybe even family.


Start off on the right foot. Jump start your growth. We'll personally schedule a private mentoring session with you to get the ball rolling.



A lesson broken into bite-size pieces with an exercise to take what you learn and implement it for yourself.



See how the information in the lesson applies within a real-life activist business.



Hear the story of a fellow member and how they have or are implementing the month's lesson.

Pen and paper


We'll wrap up the month with a live video session to address any and all questions and concerns related to that month's material.

Warning! The free information out there on the internet is holding you back!

First, there's too much out there. It often contradicts itself. Some is flat wrong.

More importantly, information is useless without implementation. That's why we created this program to share valuable lessons AND exercises and mentoring sessions. We're with you as you implement important ideas into your business and life. 

-Amanda and Brandon Neely - Founders, Overflow Coffee Bar and Business Activist Entrepreneur

Brandon and Amanda Neely Business Activists

$99.00 for first month 

Then $37.50 per month 

if you join before March 2 at Midnight (central).

As an entrepreneur, you take enough risks. We have a powerful 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee that puts all the risk on us. 

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Why $37.50? 

Because that's $1.25 per day - what 1.3 billion people on the planet earth live on. That's the definition of extreme poverty. We believe this is a reasonable amount to ask to help you and your business grow. It's an investment in yourself.

Why not free? 

A few reasons. When you pay for something, (1) you take it more seriously, (2) it's higher quality because the creators can put more into it, and (3) you're helping other entrepreneurs make a bigger impact as well.

You should know the story of Lydie too. Lydie is a social worker who is starting an ethical, environmentally-friendly chocolate business. Lydie joined the Academy back in October when we first opened it to enrollment. Since then, she has grown in confidence, in communicating her story and mission, and is now selling her product. She's a few months from launch and has a plan to get to sustainable revenue within a year! She attributes much of her growth to her involvement in the Academy. Check out Lydie's website at

Q & A

Q - “What exactly is Business Activist Academy and what will it do for me?”  

A - Let's face it, there are a ton of programs out there. They are lead by great people but the reality is running a business is hard. It takes a lot of time and energy and what you need isn't another vehicle promising great results. You need someone who has actually been in your shoes giving you the roadmap that will help you make the impact you want to see and create the revenue you need. That's what Business Activist Academy is all about...  

the roadmap and support system to impact and revenue! 

If you're a details person, here are the nuts and bolts of why I am making Business Activist Academy available to you for only $26.25 per month. For that $26.25 you get:  

  • Immediate access to all the content generated so far - 5 months of lessons, exercises, backstage passes, member spotlights, and more!
  • Access to the new content created weekly in bite-sized chunks - AND designed from a coaching perspective to walk you through implementation.
  • A complimentary coaching session with me during the month of March.  

Q - “Does the content within the Academy really work?”  

A - Yes, absolutely. I know because it’s the strategies and tools I’ve used to be successful in business activism. I’ve also shared the information and exercises with others individually over the years and they’ve seen success with it too.  

See Lydie's story above.


Q - “Why would you cut your price so deeply, Amanda?”  

A - 3 Good reasons why…  

1. Because if I had let you know earlier, you could already be using the content to grow your business. 2. Because you are a subscriber and I believe in rewarding loyalty. 3. … and because I believe once you see the value in this, you’ll be ready to remain in the program.  

For those reasons, you have until Friday at Midnight Central to get “Business Activist Academy” for $26.25 instead of the usual $37.50. After then, enrollment will be closed for at least a few months.

As an entrepreneur, you take enough risks. We have a powerful 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee that puts all the risk on us.