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In today’s job climate, entrepreneurship offers more rewards than a traditional career.  Yet, the success rates of entrepreneurs are low.

As an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur you need:

  • a guide who has been where you are and is where you want to be,

  • a clear path outlined to reach your goals, and

  • a system to support you through all of business’ ups and downs.

Brandon and Amanda Neely can relate.  We are mission-driven entrepreneurs who have come through these same things and learned to thrive.*


What We Do

1. We work one-on-one, in a coaching role, helping you develop your goals and a plan to achieve them.

2. Second, we create a custom blueprint for achieving your unique business goals.

3. Next, we set up an accountability system for staying on-track, allowing for adjustments due to unforeseen opportunities and challenges.


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*How did we learn to thrive?

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Many ways.  One key way we learned to thrive was because we had a great coach named Marty.

We’d talk with Marty regularly about our business goals, dreams, opportunities and challenges.  Sometimes these included personal topics too.  He listened, asked the right questions, and helped us determine for ourselves the best path forward.  Then, it was up to us to implement but we knew we’d talk to him again soon to discuss what went well and not so well.  We could adjust the path as needed and continue the process as our business grew and as we learned more.

We had such a great experience with coaching that we decided to do the same for other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Coaching is something we love to do and continues to greatly benefited our coaching allies.


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