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Personal Finance

Today’s economic climate demands more than ever from individuals, families, and small business owners. It is clear that the strategies that got us to where we are today are not sufficient for a better future.

We need fresh approaches to:

  • retirement

  • college planning

  • making large purchases

  • starting a business

  • your dreams for a better personal future

  • your dreams for a better global future

Brandon and Amanda Neely are your proven* partners for meeting your personal financial challenges, by providing financial strategies and solutions that match your hopes and dreams.


What We Do

1. We work one-on-one, in an advisory role, conducting a thorough analysis of your current financial situation.

2. Second, we create a custom blueprint for achieving your unique financial goals.

3. Next, we set up an accountability system for staying on-track, allowing for adjustments due to unforeseen life and work changes.


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*How can we say we’re proven partners?

personal financeBecause we are 2 kids who grew up in poverty but today are out of college and all other debt, sold a profitable business, and have created a lifestyle where we spend lots of quality time with our new baby.

We went into business to change the world.   However in going after our dream we ended up in even more debt and tension as we attempted to grow our business with the weight of our struggling finances.    It began to affect everything from our marriage, to our friendships, and to the success of our business.

Then things changed drastically, but not overnight.   

It started when we met Mark.  At first impression, Mark comes off as a nerd but sincere guy.  He wasn’t very pushy or even talked about himself and what he does very much.  In fact, we don’t think we really knew what he did for a living until we invited him to lead a discussion after a community documentary screening.

It was that documentary and the discussion afterward that changed our perception of the world.  We didn’t stay at a mindset shift.  Mark helped us implement what we learned into our lives.  The transformation of our day-to-day lives has been tremendous.

The biggest result: we don’t know if we’ll ever be billionaires but we know we’ll never be poor.  We’re in a way better place than we could have imagined.  Plus, there’s always the potential to grow more.

That’s a huge stress reliever right there, especially when we know first-hand what poverty feels like.

Over the years as we saw the progress for ourselves, we’ve shared some of what we learned with others.  We actually sent lots of friends and family members to Mark as they were interested in the same things.

That brings us to today.  We’ve learned so much from Mark.  We’ve also seen how much people are struggling even when the economy is supposedly doing so well.  We decided to take a stand and to serve people by showing them the strategies that worked for us and has worked for so many others.  Not just people today but for the past 100 years in every economic climate!

Today, we’ve made it our mission to help others see this transformation for themselves and their families.  Our mission is to transform the financial lives of thousands.  We are committed to providing activist entrepreneurs, individuals, and couples with certainty as they arrive at their most important business and financial milestones.


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