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Strengthen Your Voice

“The mind is the instrument that your voice is played on.”

– Ray Edwards (Writing Riches, page 81).

Strengthen Your Voice

We all have voices inside our heads.  There’s the voice for the way we think about ourselves.  The voice we use to describe our businesses.  The voice that uses words like “I believe in” and “I value.”  We even use our family’s voices and repeat to ourselves words like, “This is too great a risk.” and “I should just get a stable job.”  Your mind is the instrument that plays the melodies, harmonies, and sometimes discord of these voices.


Those you interact with in business have voices inside their heads too.  Potential customers have voices that question whether they should trust you.  Potential investors have voices that critically analyze your pitch deck and forecasts to see if your idea is good enough.  Your partners and employees voice their own agendas and desires for the business.  


In the midst of these competing voices inside multiple people’s heads, there comes a single tool to find alignment toward a harmonious song.  What is that tool?  It’s communication.


There are so many ways to communicate: email, social media, pitch contests, personal asks, networking events, trainings, on the phone, via text, and more.  Communication is a major hurdle for a lot of entrepreneurs. What should you share?  Who should you share it with?  How should you share it?  When is the best time to share?  What’s the best medium to use?  Why do you need to communication so much anyway?


Does this resonate with you?  I bet it does.  There’s so much miscommunication and misunderstanding in the divided world in which we live.  You and those you want to conduct business with can be like ships in the night – passing one another with no clue the other was there.  If you do spot one another, there’s often suspicion and doubt.

Strengthen Your Voice Intentionally

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  When entrepreneurs get intentional about increasing their communication skills it can totally transform their businesses.  

  • What you write in an email blast can build trust and sales or it can make people want to unsubscribe.  
  • What you say to someone at a networking event can make you memorable in a positive or negative way.
  • Even what you post on Twitter can say a lot about who you are deep inside. 

Every opportunity to communicate is an opportunity to build your business but you don’t ever want to come across as only seeking to build your business.  It’s a tension and a tight-rope dance but the skills to manage it can be developed.


Warning!  I hate being negative but I do have to point out a major lesson.  One miscommunication or over-sharing can wreck your business.  Just ask Uber’s former CEO.

But you’re not him… you’re you.

You have mastered some of the basics of your business.  You have a product or service to sell and you’re starting to generate revenue in way that makes the world a better place for all of us.  Now is THE time to strengthen YOUR VOICE into a transcendent symphony.


How do you do strengthen your voice?  

There hasn’t been a clear-cut way until now…

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Keep overflowing!



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